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Sony Monitors represent quality you can count on from the leader in medical grade monitors and medical grade LCD. They offer a variety of high quality medical grade monitors and medical grade LCD's specifically designed for medical imaging. Each medical grade flat panel provides high resolution along with true-life, reliable image reproduction.

We have the Sony LMD181MD/CV medical grade monitor on sale now for half price. This is a limited offer until our supplies are all gone.

You can buy the LMD-181MD/CV now for $2625 (half of the $5250 list price.

The medical grade LCD monitors are ideally suited for a wide range of medical applications such as microsurgery, endoscopy and pathology. All of the monitors and flat panel displays will work with your current Stryker, Olympus, Storz or Smith & Nephew system.

Why not upgrade to a LMD181MD Medical Grade LCD flat panel for your operating room? The Sony LMD181MD is an 18 inch medical grade flat panel with the best warranty in the industry. And.... it's on sale now!

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See the LMD-181MD/CV brochure (PDF)

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