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Jerry Mack helped start the medical division of Sony during the late 1980s. Beginning his career at Sony as a district sales manager in California in the very early days of Sony's experiment with a medical division, Jerry helped to create the market for Sony products in medical applications.

Jerry Mack moved to Sony's headquarters in New York in the early 1990s to head up the newly formed medical information group. This innovative group introduced shared decision making programs that allowed patients and physicians to share in the decision making process to care for conditions with difficult decision pathways like prostate and breast cancer.

Later Mack was promoted to the director's position as head of all sales for the medical division at Sony. During Mack's tenure at Sony, sales of the medical division went from under $5 million to over $150 million annually.

Jerry Mack left Sony to start a company of his own back in the wine country of northern California. The circle was complete and he was back where he began his career with Sony.

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