Sony Printer Paper
For Medical Imaging

Sony Printer Paper delivers world class images on durable paper and film used in their powerful Dye Sublimation Printers and black and white thermal printers. The printing technology, combined with quality media, provides the protection you need against environmental factors such as light, heat and humidity.

Sony's high quality media is specially designed for use with their state of the art medical grade printers for medical imaging. For this reason, we recommend using quality Sony media product designed for use with their printers. Just some of the media models we carry are listed here:

Sony UPC-55, UPC-510, UPC-5510, UPP-110HG, UPP-110HD, UPP-110HA, UPP-110S/5 and UPP-210HD, UPP-210SE and many more. Visit our store for more details.

Looking for a new Sony medical grade printer. Click on one of the links below for a lineup of our medical grade printers or to buy some of the color or B&W media for these printers.

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