Sony PVM-14M2MDU
Medical Grade Monitor

This monitor has been discontinued - please consider a LMD-181MD/CV flat panel monitor as a replecement.

The Sony PVM-14M2MDU medical grade monitor is a 14 inch high resolution monitor ideal for medical imaging. It features over 600 TV lines of resolution with RGB, s-video and composite inputs. It has four color temperature selections, scanning size selection and DC output availability. The on screen menu control allows the user to easily set up and operate the medical grade monitor. It has settings for brightness, Chroma, Phase, Contrast, Volume and Aperture control. It also features a tally lamp that is compatible with other Sony products. It is also available in a 20 inch model, the PVM-20M2MDU.

Since both the PVM-14xxx and PVM-20xxx have been discontinued the best replacement model is the LMD-181MD/CV flat panel monitor. This model has all the same features of the PVM series.

Sony LMD-181MD/CV replaces the PVM-14M2MDU

Why not add a medical grade flat panel to your system. The Sony LMD-181MD/CV LCD is an 18 inch medical grade flat panel that accepts both analog and computer VGA inputs. Click on the link below for more information.

Sony LMD-181MD brochure

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