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Looking for Sony Medical Products that are Medical Grade and can be used in a hospital environment? Yes, good! We carry all Sony Products for medical imaging that meet stringent UL-2601 guidelines. Sony Medical provides world class medical device rated products that deliver performance and value with the quality and dependability you need. Sony offers a complete line of analog and digital medical imaging solutions for a wide range of applications.

Sony Medical offers printers, monitors, cameras and recorders that are specifically designed for medical environments. Sony offers color dye-sublimation printers that work with all the major surgical manufacturer's products. The Sony UP-895MD or UPD-895 is an ideal choice as an ultrasound printer. Click on the Sony printer link below for more information. We also carry a complete line of Sony paper for all of Sony's printers.

Sony monitors for medical imaging have been delivering unsurpassed images and quality for years. Sony offers both a CRT monitor in 14 inch and 20 inch sizes. Or you can choose the new 18 inch and 15 inch medical grade flat panels, LMD181MD or LMD151MD. These medical grade LCD's offer both analog and digital inputs and are a nice addition to your current system. Click on the monitor link below for more information on all medical monitor products from Sony.

Sony cameras are perfect for many applications. Whether you need a camera for a surgical microscope, stereo or compound microscope or a digital camera for high resolution images, Sony has a camera for your needs. The Sony DXC-C33 is a perfect match for your surgical microscope. It offers high resolution and DV output. The Sony DXC-190, Sony DXC-390 or Sony DXC-990 are analog cameras that work well with either stereo or compound microscopes. If you need a mega pixel camera, check out the Sony DXC-S500 5 mega pixel camera. This camera will give you high resolution digital images. Click on the camera link for more information on these models.

As you can see, Sony Medical Products offer the choices you need for your medical imaging needs. Click on any of the links below for more information on the product you are interested in exploring.

Need a Sony Printer or ultrasound printer paper for your ultrasound machine? Just click on one of the links to find out more information on how Sony Medical Products work with ultrasound equipment from all vendors. We also stock a complete line of Sony Paper, medical grade VCR's, analog and digital microscopy cameras, for endoscopy, surgical or hospital needs. Looking for Sony Medical products for your used ultrasound machine? Call or email us, we carry many different used ultrasound equipment products, including used ultrasound parts. Call or email us for the used ultrasound products or ultrasound supplies you are looking for.

Sonoma Health Products will provide you with the Sony Medical Products you need at a great price. Please call or email us.

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Sony LMD-181MD. 18 inch medical grade LCD from Sony.
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